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Wednesday, September 30

Adam's Pick of the Week: I'm Just Like You - Sly's Stone Flower 1969-1970

Typically, if Light In The Attic puts something out I'm on board before I even hear it. With their collection of Sly Stone's short-lived vanity label, Stone Flower, I practically missed the boat altogether! In the past few months I've realized my mistake and I'm Just Like You hasn't left my turntable much at all.

Collecting all of Stone Flower's singles, plus some previously unreleased tracks, I'm Just Like You is a satisfying listen on the surface. It's also a behind-the-scenes peak of sorts for Sly Stone's transition from the over-the-top, mostly good time funk bandleader of the late 60's, to the more introspective and world weary studio wizard he became in the early 70's. Some of the tracks found here (and not just the demos) have an ephemeral feel. Even if they weren't the culmination of an idea, they are still a fascinating portrait of a monster artist and producer in process, as well as the only document for a few stellar acts who never did much of anything outside of their tenure with Stone Flower.

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