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Friday, October 16

saki newsletter 10/16/15!

Hey, hey, we apologize for the short notice on this, but we DO have a pretty cool event next Saturday from 6-9pm. Max Clarke's 'Pizza Astronaut' print from our pizza-themed art show was easily the most popular piece. We've invited Max back for his very own show, which will open on the 24th. We'll have the usual food and drinks, plus live sets from Max's band The Cut Worms, as well as Wet Wallet! We'll be hanging Max's show soon, so stop in if you want to catch a sneak peek.

Max Clarke "The View From My Summer Home In Space" Opening Reception

Saturday, October 24th from 6-9pm

We also have another 'saki presents' show coming up at The Burlington next month. Our old pals from Bloomington, Sleeping Bag are going to be in town. We're going to match them up with 2-3 of our favorite local bands. Stay tuned for more info on how to get some free drinks, and maybe some saki giveaways and/or DJ sets!

saki presents Sleeping Bag with guests TBA at The Burlington
Tuesday, November 17th at 9pm 

We're pretty excited to offer a new feature in our weekly newsletters. From now on we're going to include a Spotify playlist of some of our favorite tracks from this week's releases (the ones that are available on Spotify at least). Let us know what you think! Do you think we left anything important out? Did we pick the wrong track from your favorite release? We want to know. You can contact us via Twitter, Facebook, or email us at info@sakistore.net. We have other playlists available on Spotify as well. Follow us, check out the playlists, and keep an eye on what we're playing in the store! Some of our favorites from this week are Doug Hream Blunt, Beach House, Jessica93 and Holy Motors.


Here are a few things we were yammering about on Instagram, etc. this week:

As the weather is getting colder, don't forget you can pick up a saki knit cap that will not only keep your tip extra toasty, it's also good for 5% off your purchase any time you wear it in the store! Same goes for any other saki-branded merchandise, FYI.

 The New Romantics is a Taylor Swift fanzine written by adults with real lives, responsibilities, and most importantly, FEELINGS. It's available at saki now!

 Wilco's once surprise digital-only release, Star Wars is now available on solid wax!

Julia Holter's Have You In My Wilderness is back in stock (along with Loud City Song)! 

It's just a fact - fall is the best season. It's got the best clothes, the best weather, and the best music! Keep an eye on our 20% off shelf. We'll be stocking it with killer autumn picks until we get sick of it!

After a long wait, Whistler Records finally received vinyl copies of Bill Mackay and Ryley Walker's fantastic Land of Plenty LP! We're going to play the crap out of it this fall.
New releases: 
Beach House - Count Your Lucky Stars LP
Birthmark - How You Look When You're Falling Down CD and LP
John Carpenter - Lost Themes Remixed LP
Tom Carter - Long Time Underground LP
Phil Cohran and The Artistic Heritage Ensemble - On The Beach LP
Coolies - Kaka LP
Denki Udon - In ZDB LP
Edge of Daybreak - Eyes of Love LP   
Laurel Halo - In Situ LP
Holy Motors - Heavenly Creatures b/w Running Water 7"
Iron and Wine - Archive Series Vol. 2 7"
Bert Jansch - Moonshine LP
Jessica93 - Rise LP
Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight LP
Fela Kuti - Fear Not For Man LP
Fela Kuti - Everything Scatter LP
Fela Kuti - Beasts of No Nation LP
Majical Cloudz - Are You Alone LP (arriving shortly)
Man or Astro Man? - 1000X 10"
The Mantles - All Odds End LP
Neon Indian - VEGA INTL. Night School LP
Shopping - Why Choose LP
Stops - Nameless Faces LP
Andrea Taeggi - Mama Matrix Most Mysterious LP   
Wilco - Star Wars 

Staff Picks:

Adam's Pick of the Week: Willie Wright - Telling The Truth

I return to this Numero release every autumn. Something about the earthy, mellow soul and Wright's voice makes me FEEL this weather. It's one of Numero's finest non-compilation releases. I highly recommend it for fans of Bill Withers, Richie Havens, and Lou Rawls.

Pitchforks 2011 review by Joshua Love (a criminally underscored 7.8, but hey, ce la Pitchfork...) sums it up nicely:

Given that the prevailing sound of RnB at that time was glossy funk and Philly soul, Wright's music is an idiosyncratic marvel. Basically, imagine Lou Rawls fronting Van Morrison's Astral Weeks-era band with a Duane Allman soundalike occasionally dropping by to lay down some lyrical guitar lines and you've got a pretty good idea. 
Anna's Pick of the Week: Joanna Newsom - Ys
In preparation for Joanna Newsom’s latest release coming up in a couple weeks (listen to the single here!) I revisited my favorite release from her: Ys. Don’t get scared off by the ren fest album cover. It’s an orchestral wonder that could only be matched by Joanna’s vocals, famously reedy and childlike, but more controlled and majestic this go around. Each track is bursting with movement, in both the sound and lyrics. The record packaging is also beautiful; it opens up and has an embedded book of the lyrics with scrimshaw illustrations. Some people may discount the floral harps and songs about anthropomorphized animals, but it’s remained a favorite of mine for years.

Ticket giveaways:

Buy a release from any band playing an upcoming Empty Bottle, Schubas or Lincoln Hall show and we can add you to the guest list. Stop in or give us a call! Keep an eye out for announcements for eligible Metro, Constellation, and Bottom Lounge shows too!

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