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Friday, October 23

saki newsletter 10/23/15!

Max Clarke's 'Pizza Astronaut' print from our pizza-themed art show was easily the most popular piece. We've invited Max back for his very own show, which opens tomorrow! We'll have the usual food and drinks, plus live sets from Max's band The Cut Worms, as well as Wet Wallet

Max Clarke "The View From My Summer Home In Space" Opening Reception

Saturday, October 24th from 6-9pm

We have another 'saki presents' show coming up at The Burlington next month. Our old pals from Bloomington, Sleeping Bag are going to be in town. They'll touring with Five Pound Snap out of Detroit, and our local favs Ovef Ow will round out the bill. We'll probably have some kind of deal for free drinks, and maybe some saki giveaways and/or DJ sets, so keep checking the newsletter or the Facebook event for more info!

saki presents Sleeping Bag with Five Pound Snap and Ovef Ow at The Burlington
Tuesday, November 17th at 9pm 

We're pretty excited to offer a new feature in our weekly newsletters. From now on we're going to include a Spotify playlist of some of our favorite tracks from this week's releases (the ones that are available on Spotify at least). Let us know what you think! Do you think we left anything important out? Did we pick the wrong track from your favorite release? We want to know. You can contact us via Twitter, Facebook, or email us at info@sakistore.net. We have other playlists available on Spotify as well. Follow us, check out the playlists, and keep an eye on what we're playing in the store! There's a ton of good stuff this week. Some of it you probably already know, but here are a few you may not (and we think you should): Beak>, Doug Hream Blunt, Corrections House, Upset, Hinds, and Kowloon Walled City! Next week's gonna be a good one too, with the Ork Recrods box set, Built To Spill, Car Seat Headrest, Dads, Sweet Talk, and more.

 Here are a few things we were yammering about on Instagram, etc. this week:

As the weather is getting colder, don't forget you can pick up a saki knit cap that will not only keep your tip extra toasty, it's also good for 5% off your purchase any time you wear it in the store! Same goes for any other saki-branded merchandise, FYI.

 We celebrated International Cassette Store day last Saturday! Check our Instagram for a full rundown of some of our favorite tapes.

 The Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic is back in stock with all new buttons!

 We're going to bring in some stuff from an amazing DC rare boogie/funk/R&B label called People's Potential Unlimited. Go have a listen on their website or Soundcloud and let us know if there's anything in particular you want us to bring in!

We're still on our autumn music kick and we hope it never ends... here's a few more picks to fit the season.

 We moved the Calvin Johnson mixtapes from the counter to make some space, but we still have a few left. You can find them on the tape rack.

This is our new headless friend. We think he needs a name. What do you think?

New releases: 
100% Dynamite: Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk From Jamaica - V/A LP
Apprentice Destroyer - Glass Ceiling Universe LP
Beak> - Mono/Kenn 7" (Jeff Barrow of PORTISHEAD)
Doug Hream Blunt - My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt LP
Childbirth - Women's Rights LP 
Corrections House - Know How To Carry A Whip LP
Deerhunter - Fading Frontier LP (delayed from last week, NOW IN STOCK)
Departmentstore Santas - At The Medieval Castle 19 100-Year Lifetimes Since LP
Edge of Daybreak - Eyes of Love LP
Flaming Lips - Imagene Peise: Atlas Eets Christmas LP
Funeral Advantage - Body Is Dead LP
Fuzz - II (already sold out! more on the way.)
Gang of Four - Solid Gold LP
GZA - Liquid Swords LP reissue
Hinds - Very Best of Hinds So Far 10"
Kowloon Walled City - Grievances LP
Fela Kuti - Alagbon Close LP
L. Voag - Way Out LP
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly LP (long-awaited vinyl version NOW IN STOCK!)
Milk From Cheltenham - Triptych of Poisoners
Morning Coup - Baby Blue LP
Joanna Newsom - Divers CD and LP
Petal - Shame
Bill Tucker - Punk Fills/Sad Bad Mittens LP 
Turnover - Peripheral Vision LP
Tuxedo - S/T (Mayer Hawthorne + Jake One, FINALLY in stock)
Upset - '76 10" and cassette        

Ticket giveaways:

Buy a release from any band playing an upcoming Empty Bottle, Schubas or Lincoln Hall show and we can add you to the guest list. Stop in or give us a call! Keep an eye out for announcements for eligible Metro, Constellation, and Bottom Lounge shows too!

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