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Wednesday, February 8

¡Boycott no! (or, Perhaps it is true there's no such thing as bad press. )

I have not heard this from any retailer directly, but if the rumor I read somewhere is really true that indie stores are actually organizing some sort of boycott against the labels involved, I'd suggest waiting on that one to see how they react to the deluge of attention, unwelcome and otherwise, this miasma has gotten.

A boycott would hurt all involved and I'm fairly certain that the message to those involved has already been sent and heard loud and clear without that sort of mutually destructive step.

At the very least nobody can claim ignorance from here on out, so for whatever it is worth, I suggest everybody, even the still-two-weeks-later exceedingly angry, take a deep breath and wait and see what happens next. We will not be a party to one though. We need the sales. They need the sales. The bands not participating in this deal REALLY need the sales, as they're not paying BB to take their records.

Oh yeah, the titles involved in the "Are You Cooler Than Your Friends" indie promotion are still on sale via the Best Buy webstore for $7.99. (I'll not give them the courtesy of another link. Find it yourself, lazyass.) Looks like stores and distributors will now have to pay freight for their BB One Stop orders and I don't know what the order maximum is. Should come without price stickers on them, so that's a bonus.

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