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Wednesday, February 8

What Others Are Saying

There are some good discussions going on elsewhere about this. Thought it might be useful to post links to some of them and act as a sort of clearing house for that. Some great points being made on both sides of the topic. None that have changed my mind about anything I've written, but I enjoy having to think through stuff (well...sometimes) and I'm gratified to see others working through the intricacies as well.

In sum, aside from the fact that $7.99 is an asinine price at which to allow your stuff to be sold, there's a lot of grey area to this whole thing and as I've pointed out elsewhere here, the line to my foreseen doomsday scenario is not a straight one.

These sites have longer discussions about the whole issue coming from all sides:


Experimental Behavior

I Love Music

K Records Forum

Merge Records Forum



Some other blogs who've just pointed to the discussion, some with thoughts of their own:

Bradley's Almanac

Camera Obscura Records


Culture Bully

Dale Baker Drummer

Digital Audio Insider (who has a link, but some edifying info on digital audio pricing in general)



Her Jazz ("Legal racketeer." Ouch. Thanks. We love you, too. I always though racketeers actually made money, but maybe we're just in the wrong racket or are too stupid. One or both are certainly possible and one is at least probable.)

Indie Anthems

Indie HQ

Perfect Porridge

Reference Tone

San Diego Serenade


The Minor Fall, The Major Lift

Worst Weather Ever

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  1. hey, just to clarify the "legal racketeer" comment was made by someone else, not me!


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