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Tuesday, August 5

Future of Music Coalition Comes to Chicago

One of the coolest (and smartest) things I've done in the last 5 years is to take part in three of the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summits in Washington, DC.
[Check out a snippet of this great interview with George Clinton and one of my musical heroes Hank Shocklee (Public Enemy/Bomb Squad), where Hank breaks down the insanity of sample licensing. Hank takes a tiny snippet of P-Funk's "Atomic Dog" and processes it beyond recognition. For the full 30 minute video, follow this link.]
While I more or less enjoyed being on a panel five years ago, I've much more enjoyed just going from room to room and listening to all of the different, smart people from all corners of the music biz who have different perspectives on what's going on and why. I've witnessed many spirited debates, uplifting sentiments, and some damned cool music, including the unlikely collaboration of Lester Chambers singing "People Get Ready" accompanied on harmonica by FCC Commissioner Jonathan Edelstein!

But getting to DC can be costly in both travel expenses and time away from work. Thankfully for us midwesterners, the FMC powers that be have decided to bring their show on the road!

What's the Future for Musicians?

It will be a mini-Summit packed into one afternoon at the Old Town School of Folk Music, including help on musician's healthcare, marketing, podcasting, net neutrality, public performance royalties, technology, and more specific breakout sessions of smaller groups addressing more narrow issues. Having been to three of the big FMC Summits already, I can't recommend this highly enough, and not only for musicians, but for anybody who loves music, the business of music, or especially if you love a musician. Click the banner above for more info and I'll definitely be posting more here once they announce who'll be participating. Hopefully we'll see you there!

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