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Friday, July 18

Red Red Meat and Jim Becker at The Hideout 7/11/2008

Man was this a good show. It was Becker's first foray with his new group and while I can't ever say I'm surprised by how good anything he does is, I guess I was. For a first show, they were outstanding. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and with a finishing song that turned into a prolonged, beautiful, meditative drone worthy of Pelt.

Red Red Meat were amazing. Wish they'd played more off the first two albums, but what else would you expect an aged aging hipster to say? Listening to them was really a treat. It was especially interesting, now that we have had Califone to enjoy for the last 10 years, to hear how that music evolved out of the lurching RRM beast. Califone is at once more rootsy and more eclectic and I'm not sure how they've managed to pull that off.

Oh yeah. The pictures.

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