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Monday, September 29

The Party and The Archive

The party was a blast and if you weren't able to make it, we think you missed something very special that certainly won't happen again any time soon.

A big surprise came when The Coctails announced that they'd organized a compilation CD with a new track by almost every band who's ever been on CTR, each with a Sweet 16 theme! It's been two days and I'm still blown away by the enormous difficulty of that task—all the while managing to keep it a secret from (almost) all of us at work for the last four months. Wow.

To make it even better, we raised a big chunk of cash that still needs a full accounting. We'll post some pics, dollar figures, thanks, and thoughts after a good night's sleep.

In the meantime...

A nice short film (7.5 mins) about Record-Rama in Pittsburgh, the world's largest record collection—currently on the block and yours for only $3 million.

If you think that's high, watch the 7.5 minute video!

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