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Wednesday, October 1

CTR Sweet 16 Recap...In Pictures!

Patrick receiving the Carrot Top Records Sweet 16 Compilation
Giant and delicious carrot cake from our friends at The Hideout
Make a wish!

Best MC's ever; Carrot Top's own, Allison & Jason announcing our raffle
Carrot Toppers celebrating in style
The Bitter Tears 09/26/2008

KatJonBand 09/26/2008

Antietam 09/26/2008

The Coctails 09/26/2008

Mark Greenberg presenting the Carrot Top Sweet 16 Compilation to Patrick
Lys Guillorn 09/27/2008

Megan Reilly 09/27/2008

Megan Reilly featuring Antietam 09/27/2008
The Handsome Family 09/27/2008

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