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Friday, October 10

Sweet 16 Benefit Results

So far, we've collected $5844.44 in donations for the Accelerated Cure Project for MS.

Thanks to everybody who helped: newest Carrot Top Kate, CTD staff and interns, all the bands and significant others who let them out to play for free, and especially everybody who donated.

Super extra special thanks to Gary Elvis for pristine sound and good humor, and everyone at The Hideout who put up with our silliness and loosely organized chaos for the weekend.

Lastly, we'd all be remiss if we forgot thanks to Tim for what had to be the punchiest set of intros in Tim'sRamblingHideoutIntro history.

Will post any updates to this entry when ACP gets further online donations. Sure would be awesome to hit $6k!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much!

    - Art Mellor (President, Accelerated Cure Project)


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