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Thursday, July 23

Ever needed to type a symbol that you just couldn't find on your keyboard? If you're on a Mac, the dusty, old days of Key Caps are gone. You actually have at your fingers an even more powerful Character tool buried in the depths of your computadora.
  • ❶ Launch System Preferences>International>Input Menu.
  • ② Make sure Character Palette is checked On.
  • ⓷ Click the radio box "Show input menu in menu bar."
  • ⁴ Under your new national flag icon in the Menu Bar, choose Show Character Palette.
  • ⑸ Sort by Category, find your desired character and double click on it and it should appear where you last left your cursor in your document.
  • ㊅ You may also single click on it to make it show under Character Info where you are then presented with additional options in the Related box to the right.
  • 7Enjoy

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