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Wednesday, July 22

The Handsome Family @ Daytrotter!

In March, The Handsome Family stopped in to see the fellas at Daytrotter after a weekend of shows in Chicago. During their visit, they recorded four songs that are now available to you for free!! Check out the tunes, along with a cartoon portrait of the band, and a lovely description of Brett's ability to get under your skin with his voice.

"He sings in a way that makes you so wonderfully uncomfortable at times, the kind of voice and verve that you just cannot bring yourself to break from. It's outspoken and dark and it gives the songs something like a cross between gallows humor and a purist's remorse." —Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

Songs featured: "Linger, Let Me Linger," "Little Sparrows," "The Loneliness of Magnets," "Darling, My Darling"

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney // Sound engineering by Mike Gentry

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  1. Woo hoo! Thank you Daytrotter.
    And you're all FIRED for going through the whole day without mentioning this to me even once! Fired I say!


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