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Wednesday, May 26


I'm lucky to live very close to a fine comic book shop. G-Mart's got a great selection of books. I haven't been there in a while but I know it won't be long before I make the trip. Here's why.

Two of my favorite authors and cartoonists have brand new books out. First, there's Other Lives from Peter Bagge. Bagge is probably most recognized for his 90s underground classic Hate, which produced the ever loath-able loud-mouthed New Jersey transplant, Buddy Bradley. Here, Bagge teams up with Vertigo for a book that might be about "Identity". Maybe. Or, maybe not. Honestly, it doesn't matter what it's about. It's Peter Bagge, which means it's going to be cutting, slightly crude and really, really funny.

Then, there's the latest from one of the most notable American cartoonist of recent years. In Wilson Dan Clowes (Eightball, Ghost World) "takes his particular brand of misanthropic misery to new levels of brilliance in this book, a series of one-page gags that show the divorced and lonely main character repeatedly attempting to engage with life, and then falling back into his hell of pessimism." (Publishers Weekly) Does that sound great or what?!? "[...] like reading a series of Bazooka Joe comics written by Jean-Paul Sartre." (NPR) Seriously though, how could anyone resist?!?
In other "comics that Ed likes" news-ings, back in January AMC approved a pilot for a television version of Robert Kirkman's phenomenal survival horror/zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead. It's set to air in October.
Hooray for comics without superheroes!

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