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Wednesday, May 26

When stars are eating planets you might as well buy some records

It was bound to happen, eventually! The universe can handle only so much before it deploys random stars out to devour planets whole. Good thing it's reported to take 10 million years to completely swallow the planet (and a good thing it's not our earth). That's a long, long, long, long meal of destruction. However, it is likely that the Discovery Channel (nea, the End- of-The-World-is-Nigh Channel) will run some heavy-handed program on this in the future, warning us of our potential impending doom, you may as well buy some records. RIGHT?!?!
While I can't vouch thatLPs will prevent your (our) solar onslaught, but they will improve your (our) time here on this lil' lump of earth two and threefold! Coincidentally, Time Out Chicago interviewed me yesterday about the two bands that could improve Lollapalooza this year. My response?
Disappears ("Lux" out now on Kranky)
.....and Slayer (their fans have nothin' to lose!).
You know I'm right.

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