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Friday, May 21

Scattered - Self Released Handsome Family Album

In the spirit of Smothered and Covered, The Handsome Family have also announced a collection of unreleased tracks that will only be available online and at their live shows.

Entitled Scattered, this self-released album includes a selection of lost demos, orphaned songs and odd covers by artists such as Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Leonard Cohen.

A note from the band:
We should have copies to sell by June 10 and will have some on our upcoming tour dates. For the first year it will only be available on our website and at our shows. You can pre-order a copy here and we'll send one out to you when we get our first shipment pressed or you can buy one from us at a live show.

SCATTERED: A further collection of Lost Demos, Orphaned Songs and Odd Covers

“The Lost Soul” originally recorded for the Bloodshot Records 2005 compilation, For a Decade of Sin.

“When it Rains,” was supposed to be on Twilight but somehow it fell by the wayside.

“Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” by Bob Dylan, recorded for Uncut's, Highway 61 Revisited Revisited.

“Snowball” was originally released on Bloodshot’s 2002 children’s record, The Bottle Let Me Down.

“Ain’t No Grave” written by Brother Claude Ely.

“Little Buddy” one of our earliest attempts at songwriting (1993).

“Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles, bluegrass version with the Rivet Gang.
Plague Songs that took place at the Barbican in 2007.

“Famous Blue Raincoat” Leonard Cohen's classic.

“Drinking Beer on the Roof” an alternate take of “The Red Leaf Forest,” We realized later we like these lyrics better.

“Telephones and Telescopes” originally released as a 7” single by Speed Kills in 1992.

“The Lost Highway” most-famously recorded by Hank Williams. Our version is from 2002.

“Honcho” is an instrumental recorded by Brett on 4-track in 1991.

“The Blizzard” by Harlan Howard, most-famously recorded by Jim Reeves.

“What does the Deep Sea Say?” A traditional we first heard sung by The Blue Sky Boys.

“Tranquilized” is Brett’s sad song about life post mental hospital. 1996.

“Junebugs”(alternate take) this version has a certain magic we lost in the final mix released on Honey Moon.

“One Way Up” (4-track demo) is an early (1990) 4-track version of a song later released on Odessa.

“Claire Said” (rehearsal tape) is an early live recording made in another Chicago apartment around 1992.

All songs by Brett & Rennie Sparks (a.k.a The Handsome Family) except as noted.
All music recorded by Brett Sparks. Art by Rennie Sparks.
More info: www.handsomefamily.com

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