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Friday, May 21

Half Acre Limited Release!

Our fellow Chicagoans up at Half Acre Beer Co. in Lincoln Square have a new addition to their lineup: a double/imperial IPA called Double Daisy Cutter.

For the uninitiated, special beer releases are hilariously similar to limited record pressings. Demand outstrips supply, geeks (like me) anxiously await the release date, and eventually you end up with a really nice piece for your friends to covet. It's a great way for breweries to experiment with new recipes and promote themselves at the same time. Hell, Dark Lord Day is Three Floyd's version of Record Store Day.

Summer and IPAs go hand in hand for me, and Daisy Cutter has been a favorite since Half Acre got started. Take that same beer, double up on malts and hops, and you get this new beast. I've heard the brewery is already out of growler pours, but bottles should still be available to take home. Kudos to a great group of people who have the guts to run a small brewery and tasting room here in Chicago during lean economic times (sound familiar?)!

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