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Monday, June 7

New Black Mountain In The Works

Black Mountain's In the Future was one of my favorite records of 2008, so I was excited to read an update on their upcoming release via Stereogum a couple weeks ago. There is no release date as of yet, but I'm very much looking forward to hearing the "to-the-point" rock songs being boasted by project producers Dave Sardy and Randall Dunn.

"Talking about the next Black Mountain album has to involve talking about the band’s decision to work with producers Dave Sardy and Randall Dunn, and to use outside producers at all. To me, frontman and songwriter Stephen McBean has always seemed isolated and independent in his music-making, though he collaborates with a large group of friends and fellow musicians with both Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops. According to Amber Webber, the band’s co-vocalist with McBean, these choices (to have producers, then which ones) were huge: “We knew exactly what it would sound like if we did this own our own. It just seemed like if we were going to do the third album, we just needed to do something different that would be exciting to us,” she says. It’s really been a progression: Black Mountain mixed and recorded their S/T debut on their own, then brought in John Congleton to mix In The Future [...]" 

*Since posting this I've found some additional information on Black Mountain's upcoming third-full-length. The North American release date for Wilderness Heart is set for September 14th. A track from the upcoming release, "Old Fangs" is available for download on the official Black Mountain website.
**Also, don't miss your chance to see them live here in Chicago on Thursday, July 1st at Lincoln Hall.

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