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Monday, June 7

watching saki grow

I am having such a great time watching little saki grow!! What started as an idea is now a real store. With cds. And vinyl. And magazines and books. And toys. And turntables and other music related stuff. And shoppers.

I have a small garden design business and I can't help but notice the similarities between designing and planting a garden and the whole process of opening a record store.

It starts with a walk around the space. Ideas are discussed and put on paper. A design is drawn and then the fun begins. The 'hardscape' is installed first. In the garden it's the patios and walks. In the store it was the fixtures. Then we pick the best plants for the space and decide what goes where, just like in the store when Allison and Joel decided what music we should carry.

Then the planting: the actual stocking of the store. I think it took a lot longer to stock the store than it ever has to plant a garden!!

But just like a garden, the store will change and evolve over time. And I'm really excited to be able to watch that happen.

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