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Friday, July 9

Anyone tired of the "me" factor?

Not often I'll post 2 things in a week, let alone one day, but the whole Lebron-apolooza has left me feeling that there's a new breed of folks out there. People these days aren't about getting the job done anonymously as part of a collective group or wanting to be a team player. It's all about how much "me" you can get in the spotlight. Mr. James REALLY thinks that his hour-long "special" last night was a worthwhile, charitable exercise (all ad money went to the Boys & Girls Clubs) and showed him in a humble light. Are you sure? Was it any of your millions being given to charity? How much of your new "I'm going there to win a championship" money is going that charity route too...? Lebron is the perfect example of "look at me, look what I think, look at my opinion on matters", and his little show just ended up showing the hypocrisy of his decision. He could, of course, have made this announcement days ago though his agent with no bells and whistles. But then no-one would get to tune in for his thoughts on the matter. And with a resounding "fuck you" to him, and those like him, I say this - no-one cares what you THINK just what you do. And what you did was shaft millions of people in Cleveland who have bought into the Lebron brand, and give a lame reason for making your decision, one which every expert I've heard/read on the matter in the past week or so thinks is wrong (they have all said Chicago was his best chance to win). So we're left with a fairly typical person of our times - one who was all about them and not much else....of course, that's MY opinion, another one no-one cares about, nor should...

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  1. Cowardly and foolish. He will never be considered one of the game's greats because of this decision. He has thrown away his chance of being one of the top five players EVER for a chance of being better than Scottie Pippen. No matter how many rings he wins in Miami, his teammate has more, and, by default, is better. No matter how many rings he wins in Miami they will all be cheapened by the manner in which he went there. No matter how many rings he wins in Miami he will still be an asshole.


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