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Friday, July 9

Five Fiery Dragons

When once there was a home for Creeps, who crept lightly from behind, that was a time when all things were not good. The Creeps jumped and assaulted and made lies from the tops to the bottoms of things. That was also the time when small people listened to the Creeps; the Smalls were afraid and needed to hear something that made them think different. The Creeps obliged, as they often do, and used tricks and manipulations to get their way.
"Come here, your father would want it this way." "Give it to me, you don't really want it anymore anyway."
Some of the Smalls broke away and crushed the others. Those that were crushed would never be the same.
Later, the Crushers came back, but did not feel bad. The Crushed were ground finely by this.
Later still, the Crushers said "Sorry," but it was too late. The Crushed were already dust in the wind; scattered and left with no identity.
But now, grain by grain, the Crushed are searching for themselves. As they find each piece, they see new things that they didn't know were there before. "Perhaps we did our part in our own crushing. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned," they think.
Of course, when sweeping up the scattered grains, it is difficult to scoop the grain alone and dirts from the road are brought along, too. Sometimes the dirt is a piece of nature saying "Hello," and sometimes it is the Dirts from trash and unnatural things; things which take a man to the wrong counters and show him the wrong merchandise which he is just fragile enough to think he needs. There are mistakes and there is sifting and some days the answers become clearer and other days they slap a man in the face as he ignores them.
In the end, the Crushers and the Crushed will rejoin. The days will be bright. The Creeps will have no home in this world.
All is well that ends well and everything eventually ends. Which means that if things are not well, the "not wellness" will eventually end; thus, everything will turn out well in the end because the end of "not well" brings "well," even if it takes some time and the outcome is not what was expected.

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