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Sunday, October 24

The saki Halloween seance is this Saturday!

Saturday is our Halloween seance. It's our Halloween party, but it's also the first installment in our Artist's Challenge series where we present a theme and challenge our artsy friends to come up with something based on that theme. This time we'll be challenging The Bitter Tears and Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man to perform on the theme of The Fox Sisters.

Leah, Margaret, and Kate Fox were sisters who played a big part in the Spiritualist movement of the 1800's. They claimed to have contact with "spirits" and even took their talents to famous authors and heads of state the world over. They later confessed to being frauds and all perished a few years after, but the Spiritualist movement went on without them like they never even existed. Their sad and tragic tale is the theme of the saki seance. What can we say? We're like our parties really morbid...

The party starts at 7pm and goes until, well, until the party stops. Come, where a costume, BYOB!

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