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Friday, January 14

Viva The Vagrants

If you're a vintage rock fan you already know there are a ton of reasons to love 1966. The Music Machine's "Talk Talk", The Seeds' "Pushin' Too Hard", The Standells "Why Pick On Me", The Alarm Clocks' "No Reason To Complain", Q'65' "The Life I Live", The Eyes' "I'm Rowed Out", The Monks' "Complication", the list could go on and on and on.

Here's another you can add if you're not already familiar with it.

That gem and The Vagrants' impossibly awesome debut single "Oh Those Eyes" are getting the deluxe treatment from the good folks at Light In The Attic on I Can't Make A Friend 1965-1968. The CD and LP (180g vinyl) include liners from the all knowing Mike Stax, creator and editor of the Ugly Things, best damn garage, psych, beat, and punk zine around.

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