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Friday, March 25

THE NUGE sets it STRAIGHT (as he always did & does)

Dear Baby Jebus, please make Ted Nugent President. Sure, the world would probably end, but I ain't got kids, so what do I care? I'm also gonna go ahead and throw this out in the wind - I bet Ted Nugent has never locked himself out of his own office. Just sayin'. Sure he's er, frowned upon by certain folks, but hey - everybody shit their pants when they were young - just like everybody else. Just sayin' - I don't hear Thom Yorke speaking out on this (for obvious reasons, he's British, and a pud).

To quote the Nuge's Washington Times article:

"The President has said America is 'acting in the interest of the US' by bombing Lybia. As of this writing, America has fired at least 120 missiles into Lybia. Are we prepared to fire 1120 missles at about a million bucks a shot in order to topple Col. Gadhafi, to whom the United States granted a visa just a few years ago so he could threaten to live in a big tent while he attended the den of thieves meeting at the United Nations?...Please tell us Mr. Obama: Just what are those interests that are so precious that America will put military lives in harm's way and spend tens of billions of dollars more hat we don't have bombing Lybia and enforcing a no-fly zone?"

(Wang Dang Sweet Poon Tang!)

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  1. Before he's inaugurated, he should at least learn how to spell Libya. Or maybe I should be blaming the Washington Times.


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