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Friday, March 25

Official Opening: Repsychled Records, Vol. 1 at saki!

Opening Saturday, April 2nd from 6-9pm

saki is pleased to announce the exhibition of works on vinyl by Matthew Ginsberg for the month of April. The heavy psych-rock band Dark Fog, which features Ginsberg on bass, will be performing at 8pm on the night of the opening.

Ginsberg’s pieces embody the hazy, psychedelic atmosphere that Dark Fog conjures up, while the flowing lines and bold colors within his work create an ambience all their own. Ginsberg’s pieces are all multimedia works on discarded vinyl LPs and 78s. A classic example of “one man’s trash is another’s treasure,” Ginsberg’s work urges you to take a second look at that scratched up disc you flipped by in the record bin, reminding us that vinyl works as both artifact and art. Although the opening is guaranteed to be a night of psychedelic bliss, his pieces will be up for the entire month of April for purchase or simply, admiration.

As a Chicago artist and musician, I’ve found great joy in melding my two passions to create a series of treated record albums. Using various pigments and techniques, I transform unwanted LPs into vibrant, textured portraits. I choose each canvas with great care; the labels, scratches, and waxy grooves are rich in history and character, and I am careful to honor all of that. My imagery and color
palette are largely influenced by 60‘s rock posters and album covers, as well as artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Chicago’s Hairy Who collective. In Dadaist fashion, titles are culled from text that appears on the untouched side of the records. I value the use of recycled materials in art, and I can’t think of a better way to breathe new life into forgotten vinyl.

SAIC BFA Show - 2005
Lillstreet Art Center Faculty Show - 2006
Tonic Room (Solo Show) - 2007
Lillstreet Art Center Faculty Show - 2007
Corbett Vs. Dempsey Gallery @ Dusty Groove America (Solo Show) - 2008
Lillstreet Art Center Faculty Show - 2008
E-Coustic Chicago Art & Environmental Celebration - 2008
Lillstreet Art Center Faculty Show - 2009
Lillstreet Art Center Faculty Show - 2010
Inkbomb Rock Poster Show @ The Empty Bottle - 2010

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