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Friday, April 15

Mess Around 2011

If you happen to be in Atlanta, GA this weekend don't miss our friends White Mystery play at The Earl as part of this year's Mess Around Festival. Also, on the bill are The Testors, The Oblivions, Shannon & The Clams, Personal & The Pizzas, Hunx & His Punx, K Holes, Mickey, The Half Rats, and more!

saki's got their not-yet-released sophomore LP Blood & Venom hidden behind the counter, and as a special Record Store Day treat you can buy a copy this Saturday (4/16), before its official release.

Tons more about Record Store Day at saki herehere, and here.

On a related note, how badass is this poster?!?

And, is Jim DeRogatis the Comic-Book-Guy of music critics?

Stay tuned...

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