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Monday, April 18

Don't buy RSD items on eBay... at least not yet!

Okay folks, I go through this little talk every year after Record Store Day... DON'T BE A FOOL and pay good money for RSD items on eBay! I understand that you mostly likely didn't find everything you wanted on Saturday. That's bound to happen with so many limited releases and so many people trying to snatch them up. We've already seen some RSD items going for ridiculous amounts on eBay and it's only been two days! Here's the thing: IF YOU WAIT A FEW MONTHS, ALMOST ALL OF THOSE ITEMS WILL DROP BACK DOWN TO REGULAR PRICE (or something closer to it).

I've worked at a store for every single Record Store Day so far and I've watched this happen EVERY YEAR. If you really want those White Stripes records, just wait until they drop down to $10-$15. It WILL happen. Don't give the eBay flippers the chance to exploit Record Store Day for their own personal gain. Yeah, it's America, but seriously, F&#K those guys - get a real job.

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