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Monday, April 18

New Releases @ saki 4/19/11!

Well, there aren't too many releases this week, probably for good reason. Who wants to put their album out right after Record Store Day!? However, some of those Record Store Day releases were actually just 4/19 releases that the labels let us put out early. So here's a reminder for those along with the few other 4/19 releases...

tUnE-YarDs - W H O K I L L CD & LP
Micachu & The Shapes w/ The London Sinfonietta - Chopped & Screwed LP
Gorillaz - The Fall CD & LP
Rudolph Wurlitzer - Slow Fade (as read by Will Oldham) Audiobook
The High Llamas - Talahomi Way CD & LP
People's Temple - Sons of Stone LP
Burmese - Lun Yurn LP
Blink - Architects cassette
Wholphin #13 DVD
White Mystery - Blood & Venom CD & LP

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