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Tuesday, May 3

Buy Early Get Now: Fucked Up!

saki is now participating in Matador's latest Buy Early Get Now promotion! Sorry, we were a little late to the game, but we're here now and we've got the download cards for you! For full details visit the Matablog, but here's the skinny:

Come in to saki and pay in advance for your copy of Fucked Up's new album David Comes To Life and we'll give you a ticket w/ a special code you can use to immediately download the album's singles plus some bonus tracks.

Then from 5/10-5/13 your code will be good for a full album stream, plus a full download of the album split into fourths, one part of the album will be available to download each day.

On the album's release date (6/7) you can bring your ticket to saki to pick up your copy of the album and a free poster! You can also use your ticket for a free download of Fucked Up's limited Record Store Day LP David's Town.

On 6/28 you can come back again to pick up your 4 bonus 7"s from the album!

That's a hell of a deal! Call or stop in if you have any questions!

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