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Saturday, May 21

Thee Oh Sees - Castlemania

Castlemania, the newest release from Thee Oh Sees, was met with great anticipation. The gritty psychedelic garage rock band has always been known for their versatility from album to album. However, this newest album proposes an optimism that was unexpected. The tin can vocals have been replaced with clearly audible verses and the feedback has been substituted by the tambourine. The sheer folkiness of the album is astonishing and although the musical capability of the band is in no way compromised, the main word that comes to mind when listening to Castlemania is: safe. While this listener is willing to concede that the kids will just love it, for me, Thee Oh Sees will always have that special chaos driven sludge-drone-garage-rock place in my heart. The newly released Singles Collection Vol. 1 & 2, however, is truly phenomenal and exemplifies the reasons why we listened to them in the first place.

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