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Wednesday, June 15

Trivia Night & Beer Draft @ saki 6/24!

Join us at saki on Friday, June 24th from 7-9pm for our first ever Beer Draft and Trivia Night! Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Beer Draft, yeah, I know what that is, but what's this Trivia thing you speak of? Or is it the other way around. Yeah, it's the other way around. Let me explain!

The Beer Draft is the bastard cousin of the beer exchange. Each participant brings one beer to contribute to the draft field. You most likely won't be drinking the beer you bring, so pick something that you think others might like! When you enter your beer, you will draw a number. That number will be your picking position in the draft. Now hang out and answer some trivia questions and wait your turn! When the time comes you can pick any beer you like from the draft field and enjoy!

To cap off this awesome night we'll have a performance from Dey Industries' Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man.

Let's recap: Beer Draft, Trivia Night and live music! What could be better?

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