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Tuesday, August 23

saki After Hours with Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man & Bigcolour!

Hey folks, the details are coming in! Our first saki After Hours show is slated for September 2nd. There will be sets by Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man and their guest of the month, Bigcolour, followed by the audience participation portion of the show. As you may know from our last post on the topic, each after hours show will have a different guest and a different theme centered around audience participation. This month's concept will be Concatenating Pedals:

Amplifiers will form a large circle along the edges of the room. The musician attached to each amplifier will be situated directly across from their amplifier on the opposite side of the circle. The two will be connected by a chain of linked guitar pedals of different varieties, thereby filling the center of the circle with a web of cables and pedals. As the musicians play, the audience is asked to enter the circle and begin twisting and fiddling about; manipulating the sounds. For 20-40 minutes, suggested moods will be projected upon the wall as we try to create a cohesive, improvised, and collaborative piece of music, which will be recorded and made available to those who wish to have a copy.

So, you are cordially invited to join us on the 2nd at 8pm when saki ceases to be just a record store, and becomes a place where you can indulge in the inner depths of your imagination and explore new sonic territory with two of the best bands in town!

Doors at 8 PM
BYOB (Bring a guitar pedal to use and we'll give you a beer!)

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