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Monday, October 17

Art To Look Forward To at saki

Well, i for one am very really epically excited for the future of the saki art exhibitions. Hover on the poster to see some of the artwork and artist websites. 
Details after the JUMP

If you haven't seen Dmitry Samarov's current work up here, come check it out and pick up Hack, his new book out on university of chicago press! Chris Brokaw put on an entrancing and beautiful solo acoustic show at the opening the other night, so glad i was finally able to see him. We have his new records in the store! 

Well here's what's coming up. it will be the best.


Artist Rrap Kryeziu is a 19 year old ethnic-Albanian Kosovar, who moved from Kosovo to Oak Park, Illinois in 2010. Growing up in a war-torn land, Kryeziu did not receive formal training in painting and was self-taught until 2011. In 2009, Kryeziu's work was featured in a solo exhibit at the National Theater of Kosovo and was supported by the Ministry of Culture after he won an international painting prize in Montmartre Macedonia titled "Golden Palette." Rrap Kryeziu is a part of Homeroom Chicago's Emerging and Established Artist Exchange, where he works with an established artist on the practical elements of an active artistic practice: networking, promotion, booking, budgeting, etc. Kickass program. 

Rrap's art will appear at saki from November 5th to November 30th. 
Reception is on Saturday, November 12th! Mark it! Free foods and drinksx! 


A poster artist i've admired at flatstock and shows for years and years! I, for one, am so excited to have his work displayed and available at saki for the month of December. get them holiday presents lined up, easy peasy. His unique silkscreen style...industrial or abandoned buildings and warehouses, with the information looking like it's been with the wear and tear of the building itself. You see faded signs like these around Chicago, and it always feels like a hidden find. Kickass indie posters, even if you weren't at the show (admittedly, I own 2 posters of his of shows I didn't go to), it's a beautiful piece of art.

fuck yes john campbell. the mind behind webcomic pictures for sad children. he's got a kind of cult following. if all of this cult comes to the reception, i hope to meet some lifelong friendships. 
this interview shows gives a sharp image of his personality. and, you may have seen his new video, cats.

he also wants to make a cassette tape with a little book of comics in the liner notes. this will probably become much in-demand, and end up like his book. okokok just one more thing (excerpts from paul who is a ghost from picturesforsadchildren.com).

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