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Saturday, October 15

Steve Jobs’ cancer and pushing the limits of science-based medicine

Very insightful, well thought out article on Steve's illness, likely course of treatment, and speculation trotted out as evidence for those with axes to grind and money to be made. Like many things in life, the article is a bit long, but worth it.

My mom died of the more common, more aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. During her treatment, we followed much of what is written in Dr. David Servan-Screiber's wonderful "Anti-cancer," where he encourages a standard medical treatment along with a level-headed combination of specific diet, exercise, and limits on likely carcinogenic intake. The book was recommended to us by the wonderful Advanced Practice Nurse running the MD Anderson Integrative Medicine Dept. at that time. In the book, Dr. Servan-Schreiber calls for his science-based suggestions to be used in conjunction with the best of western medicine. I agree with this approach.


Steve Jobs’ cancer and pushing the limits of science-based medicine « Science-Based Medicine


"Ever since speculation started to swirl about his health back 2004 and then again in 2008, capped off by the revelation that he had undergone a liver transplant for a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2009, I feared the worst. Last week, the end finally came. However, there is much to learn relevant to the themes of this blog in examining the strange and unusual case of Steve Jobs. Now, after his death five days ago, which coincidentally came a mere day after the launch of iCloud and the iPhone 4S, it occurs to me that it would be worthwhile to try to synthesize what we know about Jobs’ battle with cancer and then to discuss the use (and misuse) of his story."

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