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Monday, October 10

Check Out ThingLink

See what I wrote about my introduction to ThingLink at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit 2011 after the jump
Thinglink. Thinglink uses images as an interactive medium. You embed an image at different points with forms of rich media: link to a song on soundcloud, link to the facebook page, embed a youtube clip. Great structure, allows users to be really creative with it (use it for storytelling, scavenger hunts, bringing the album cover back in an interactive way, and a cool way to integrate art and personality). Hovering and click rates are huge, the interactiveness allows familiarity levels with the product to jump. I don’t give a shit about Simple Plan, but I spent 5 whole minutes of my 2 second attention span exploring this image they did with Thinglink. The spokesperson at FMC, Neil Vineberg, reassured that it was always going to be free at least at some level, and right now there’s only the free option. It can obviously be used for any discipline, not just music. Anyways, something to think about and have fun with!

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