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Monday, October 10

Got Enough Samarov Yet?

...Awesome, neither have we. 

Here (pt I)& here (pt II) are two solid, all-encompasing interviews in this age-of-Samarov. Thanks Chicagoist, and thanks for the saki shoutouts! Dmitry's Music & Baseball artwork is up for viewing and purchasing here at saki the rest of October!
"Now that University of Chicago Press has released Samarov's first book, Hack: Stories From a Chicago Cab, the artist, writer and cab driver is showing up everywhere, from the pages of The Trib to Bob Edward's Talk of the Nation to an art show at Saki Records with musician Chris Brokaw"

Scroll over the image for links to Dmitry's blog, and more info on his artwork, his book Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab, and his relationship with saki store! 

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