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Friday, December 2

Bad Music Video

or worse performance art?

Maybe we'll see this on the revived and way-better-than-you-thought-it-would-be Beavis & Butt-Head. The episode practically writes itself. Matter of fact, it might even strike a familiar chord.

Butt-Head: Hey Beavis. I bet when we get that reward money, we can like, see that movie about stiffies, and we can like, pay for our own tattoos. 
Beavis: Yeah! Then we'll be cool. 
Butt-Head: I'll get a tattoo of a butt. 
Beavis: I'll get a tattoo of a butt *on* my butt! 
Butt-Head: Oh yeah? 
Beavis: Yeah! 
Butt-Head: Well I'll get a tattoo of a butt that has a butt-shaped tattoo on it, and I'll get it right on my butt! That would be cool. 
Beavis: [briefly pauses] Yeah, me too. 

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