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Monday, December 5

Happy Krampus Day!

If you're not familiar with Krampus, he's a holiday figure who comes with St Nicholas on December 5th to punish, beat, and warn bad children, while St. Nicholas gives gifts to the good ones. In Austria and other Alpine Countries, people wear actual ram horns that their families have been wearing for generations and fur outfits and insane makeup and they wander the streets with chains trying to whip people, hide in bushes throwing chestnuts at women (if they hit them, the women are forever infertile), or actually kidnap children and bring them outside of the country until the next day. A friend of mine who was in the Wienersängerknabe (Vienna Boys Choir) was put in a sack and thrown in a pool when he was 12 or so. Fun times had by all! Here are some photos for your perusing. There are infinite classic Krampus items from Austria and southern Germany if you do a little web surfing. I mean, cmon y'all, buy me this.

Didn't get my shit together to start my women's Krampus league in time this year, but if anyone wants in, we'll have practice days once a month. Get ready for December 5th 2012!

here are a bunch of krampuses in a police escorted parade but they usually just wander around and hide alone scaring the shit out of children.


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