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Monday, January 9


Nothing says "Hello, Monday" like a Pitchfork review - of Ghostly International's LP/CD of Jacaszek's Glimmer - and it's a 7.7! Now....what will Tuesday bring?!?!?!?!

"For Glimmer, Jacaszek combines a real-time ensemble-- here, harpsichordist Małgosia Skotnicka, clarinetist Andrzej Wojciechowski, and himself on acoustic guitar and metallophone-- with his own web of electroacoustic effects. "

"Rather than simply process previously recorded sounds, he smartly trusses those qualities, shaping an album that feels like some science-fiction waking dream. In an atmosphere that's very pleasant but vaguely eerie, the humans and the robots interact, each occasionally slipping behind the cover of the other. Jacaszek's again craftily corroded another binary."

"Think of Glimmer as a little symphony, just with singles, and made by a musician who can't decide between the roles of producer or composer. Really, he shouldn't anytime soon."

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