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Monday, January 9

Megan Reilly, Lakeside Lounge, January 7, 2012

Megan Reilly at Lakeside Lounge 1Megan Reilly, Steven Goulding, Tony Maimone, James Mastro at Lakeside LoungeJames Mastro 1Megan Reilly & James Mastro 2Megan Reilly, Goulding, Maimone, Mastro 1
James Mastro 2Megan Reilly, Maimone, Mastro 1James Mastro 3Megan Reilly, Maimone, Mastro 2Megan Reilly, Goulding, Mastro 1Tony Maimone
Megan Reilly, Maimone, Mastro 3Megan Reilly, Goulding, Maimone, Mastro 2Megan Reilly, Goulding, Maimone 1Megan Reilly & Steven Goulding 1Megan Reilly, Goulding, Mastro 2James Mastro and Steven Goulding 1
Megan Reilly 2James Mastro and Steven Goulding 2Megan Reilly & Steven Goulding 2Megan Reilly 3Megan Reilly & Tony MaimoneErin Coleman, Emily Flake, & Julia Adams at Lakeside Lounge
Megan Reilly at Lakeside Lounge, NYC, Saturday January 7, 2012. Band: Steven Goulding (d), Tony Maimone (b), James Mastro (g). Beautiful new songs were played. Whiskey was consumed.

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