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Wednesday, February 15

saki After Hours: Predictive Gaming this Friday!

Predictive Gaming for Substandard Films is an evening of entertainment that incorporates game show elements into a screening of a "so-bad-it's-good" style movie. Halfway between Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Scene It!, Predictive Gaming invites movie fans to place bets on the plot of a campy B-movie throughout the screening in hopes to take home fabulous prizes - like Schubas, Lincoln Hall & Metro guest list spots & saki gift certificates! So as to prevent precocious predictors from premeditating their prizewinning, the film being screened will not be announced in advance, but bad movie fans (and game show enthusiasts) must trust that saki has dug up a real winner!

Predictive Gaming for Substandard Films, the bad movie game show, is Friday, February 17th at 8pm, at saki.

RSVP on the book of faces if you wanna be all social media about it... As with all our events, Predictive Gaming is FREE & BYOB if you've got your ID. And yes, there WILL be popcorn.

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