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Wednesday, February 15

The Wettest County In The World by Matt Bondurant

For fans of The Proposition, Assassination of Jesse James..., The Road, or, well, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis & John Hillcoat - they've teamed up again! The Wettest County is an upcoming film directed by Hillcoat with original music from Cave & Ellis, & screenplay by Cave. The screenplay is based on a historical novel by Matt Bondurant called The Wettest County In The World. It is an account of 3 brothers (Bondurant's actual grandfather & great uncles) who ran a bootlegging operation in rural Virginia.

It's pretty much a done deal that this movie will be great, but we highly recommend checking out Bondurant's novel before seeing the film. You can read the New York Times review of the book here and pick up the book at saki for $9.50 now $5.00 (paperback)!

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