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Saturday, February 4

For the love of Harry Nilsson - La Blogothèque

For the love of Harry Nilsson - La Blogothèque

A wonderful reflection on Nilsson's life and peculiar musical choices. A singular bloke whose like we shall never again witness.
Through his concessions to the normalcy of existence, with what that implies of dispersion and triviality, Harry Nilsson no doubt lost sight of the sublime pop star career his extraordinary talent as a singer predestined him for; but was granted in exchange the unshakeable love of his kith and kin, and the surprising tendency of his audience to see him not just as a musician, but also as a friend. Pointing to the fact that perhaps, when it comes to artists, we love them all the more for their reluctance to believe that Art trumps all.
Read the rest of the post here at La Blogothèque.

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