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Friday, February 3

Neil Young Meets The Bitter Tears

Neil's got a cool new video on his website while he and Crazy Horse rock out. At least some of it is  "Cortez The Killer". You can check it out here.

In response, the crazy geniuses of The Bitter Tears posted a video response positing Neil of ripping off their idea. Now, I don't know about that. The upload date it pretty recent and The Bitter Tears are known to turn a trip to the pharmacy into an art project. Best part is that you get to hear their cray song, "Hanukkah" in February.

All of this reminds me of Uncle Tupelo, who used to do a killer version of "Cortez" at the end of many of their live shows. I can't track that down for you, but here's the boys playing "Down by the River" in what looks like a high school gym in 1987.

Whaddya want for free? A biscuit?

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