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Tuesday, February 21

Willis Earl Beal 7" release show at Cole's TONIGHT!

Willis Earl Beal's debut 7" is out today! We'll be selling the 7" at the release show at Cole's (possibly signed copies...), but we're also offering a special deal if you buy the 7" at the shop during the first week of release: Any purchase that includes the "Evening's Kiss" 7" will be 15% off! Buy whatever you want, and as long as your stack includes the 7", your entire purchase is 15% off. If you're buying enough stuff, just throwing in the 7" could actually save you some money.

Wherever you buy the 7", just don't miss the release show with Willis Earl Beal & Pillars & Tongues at Cole's! We'll also be selling some other saki stuff, including the limited edition Yellowlion shirt, so bring your hard-earned money. We'll have the goods!

9:30pm, 21+, Cole's Bar, 2338 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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