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Wednesday, March 7

Mariachi, Rock For Kids, & Andrew Bird

A whole bunch of my favorites worlds all in one place! In brief: Mariachi, rock & music education to empower youngins, & Andrew Bird.

Just saw this video posted by our pals at the Hideout Inn of Andrew Bird's sponsored Rock For Kids scholarship winner, 14 year old Paloma Carrasco. It's behind the scenes footage of Paloma practicing La Cigarra with Andrew and guitar player Colin Bunn. For those who don't know me, I used to play violin and vihuela in a Los Angeles mariachi group.  La Cigarra is an amazing piece, and is very difficult for vocalists...you have to really have the range to hit those extreme falsetto jumps, and almost more importantly, have the confidence and lungs to seriously belt. Paloma can really do both..bummed I missed the live performance at the block party this year! Will have to keep my eyes out for her in the Chicago mariachi circles.

And just because I'm in the mariachi spirit now, here's a picture of some of my group Mariachi Serrano

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