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Tuesday, April 3

Megan Reilly Video on NPR Music

Sometime tomorrow morning (now Wed. See below), at a time and place of their choosing, the mysterious but benevolent NPR Music elves will post the debut for Megan Reilly's incredible "Throw It Out" video, directed by Antoine Wagner. The video stars the talented and lovely Megan, of course, but the show is clearly stolen by her husband, the equally talented and almost equally lovely actor Daniel London.

While you wait, you can still check out, or recheck as the case may be, Megan's other two videos for songs from her new album, The Well:

After you've had time to digest the video, we'll share some of the story behind making it, but in the meantime, here's a still to whet your appetite.

UPDATE: The NPRMusic elves had some technical issues today to which we are not privy, nor should we be. We really don't want to see how the NPR sausage is made. They promise a Wednesday morning debut for Megan's video. We'll try to get some sleep tonight while thinking about it. Thanks, elves! We're all pulling for you!

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