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Wednesday, April 4

Galerie F Kickstarter & Fundraiser @ Cole's!

If you asked us to name things we really, really love, somewhere near the top of the list would be Fugscreens, Bigcolour, FREE PIZZA & Cole's. So, you shouldn't be surprised that we want you to join us at the Galerie F Fundraiser on 4/9 @ Cole's featuring Bigcolour, Rodeo, Continental Breakfast & FREE PIZZA from Piece Pizza & Brewery! For the record, Continental Breakfast is a band & FREE PIZZA is just pizza that is free... don't get it twisted.

This event is a fundraiser to promote Fugscreens new gallery - the aptly named, Galerie F - opening in Logan Square. They've also got a Kickstarter page, which you can donate to directly on the night of the fundraiser via iPad.... because this is the future.

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