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Thursday, April 19

The saki/Ryan Duggan t-shirt/screen print bundle of the year!

I guarantee you you're not as excited about this as I am, but you should still be pretty excited... on Record Store Day 2012 (this Saturday) you can buy our exclusive limited edition RSD 2012 t-shirt & screen print!

Normally, the t-shirt is $12 & the print is $5, but if you buy them together it's just $15 for the set! The t-shirt is limited to 25 & the prints are limited to 50 (hand numbered by the artist). They both have the "heavy kitty" design that Ryan Duggan graciously made for us. And don't forget that you'll get 5% off your purchase whenever you wear your shirt for saki. That goes for all of our saki shirts, limited edition or not!

Ryan Duggan is also our featured artist for April, so you can check out his freakin' awesome show posters on our wall when you're here on Saturday. You can also buy one, or buy a few, because they're super-duper affordable. Check out both the screen print & the t-shirt below...

Don't forget, we still have our Yellowlion & Chris Hefner ltd. t-shirts for sale as well!

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