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Friday, June 29

4th of July Sale!

Starting right now through Monday, July 9th you can get 20% off any order at sakistore.net/mailorder

All you have to do is use coupon code TN50WRYG at check-out. It's that easy.

With over 60,000 titles from labels like Saddle Creek, Merge, Mexican Summer, Hozac, Trouble In Mind, Ghostly International, Numero, Kranky, Sub Pop, Smalltown Supersound, Sundazed, Drag City and tons more to choose from there's really something for everyone.

Here's a couple suggestions that might be perfect for your weekend cookout or post-fireworks gauze bandaging session (please be safe when making things go boom). HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Neneh Cherry & The Thing - Cherry Thing (Smalltown Supersound)
Given that The Thing took their name from Don Cherry piece, it makes sense that they should eventually team up with Don Cherry's daughter, NENEH CHERRY. The high energy of The Thing's playing found a fitting counterpart in Neneh's intense style. Includes covers of songs from SUICIDE, STOOGES, ORNETTE COLEMAN, DON CHERRY, MARTINA TOPLEY-BIRD & MF DOOM. 

Reviews/Press: Pitchfork - BBC Music - LA Times

LIMITED EDITION OF 300. They're the kind of girl you spot across the lake at summer camp, & maybe you never quite have the guts to go meet, but then you tell all your friends at school about them the next year, & maybe even you pretend you had the guts to go meet them & sneak a kiss. Sure, maybe you never did, but that doesn't mean you can’t pretend.

Lowbrow Reader - The Lowbrow Reader Reader (Drag City)
A lushly illustrated comedy zine conceived in 2001 by editor Jay Ruttenberg while he was working as a music critic at Time Out New York, & features the work of moonlighting professionals from the hallowed worlds of journalism, rock music, cartooning, & television. Features contributions from Shelly Berman (LARRY DAVID SHOW), JOHN WATERS, PATTON OSWALT, MO'NIQUE, NEIL HAGERTY, DAVID BERMAN, CARSON ELLIS, & OL' DIRTY BASTARD.

Reviews/Press: Splitsider - Heeb

Chandeliers - Founding Fathers (Captcha records)
Shimmering, beach-ready electronic jams from a Chicago group featuring members of ICY DEMONS, KILLER WHALES & MICHAEL COLUMBIA among them. 10 tracks of luminous Balearic electro-funk for the Nintendo generation.

Reviews/Press: Consequence Of Sound - KRCW

Following "Life Is A Problem" & "Oh Graveyard..." this is the 3rd part in the series exploring the rawest side of gospel music. Moving ballads sit side by side w/ incredibly rocking crunchy guitar workouts. The recordings span the 50s through the 80s, but the sound is timeless & soulful. 
Here the NY quartet explore twangy country music, surf-ish riffs, psych, & classic college underground. Their most palatable release to date and easily one of 2012 best rock albums. Highly recommended!

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