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Thursday, June 28

Adam was on the Notes & Bolts podcast!

Our manager, Adam was the guest on Kris Stress' Notes & Bolts podcast this week! You can hear him ramble on about Record Store Day, Epitonic saki Sessions & "illegally" taping Jodeci songs off the radio... if you're into that kind of thing.

Check out some of the past episodes that include guests like Melissa Geils from BLVD Records, Steve Krakow (Plastic Crimewave) & Chris Kalis from Chandeliers!

Each week the guest brings their own playlist. Here's what Adam brought (in no particular order):

Michael Hurley "Tea"
Mind Spiders "Beat"
Chromatics "Kill For Love"
Brian Eno "Here Come The Warm Jets"
Royal Headache "Surprise"
St. Vincent "Grot"
U.S. Aries "Are You Ready To Come?"
Brokeback "" (from their Epitonic saki Session)
Carter Tanton "Lungs" (Townes Vand Zandt cover from Carter's EsS)
Pillars & Tongues "Ships" (from their EsS)
Laura Gibson "Milk-Heavy Pollen-Eyed" (from her EsS)
Future Islands "Give Us The Wind"
The Radio Dept. "The Worst Taste In Music"
VAR (formerly known as WAR) "In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)" 
True Widow "Skull Eyes"
Milk Music "Beyond Living"

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